"Bringing a Michigan Tradition" direct 
to your door, the yooper pasty has become our
much-loved signature product... 
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Wholesome goodness wrapped in our famous flaky pastry


Yooper  -  a famous Upper Michigan pasty filled with cubed Beef, Potato, Carrot, Onion and Rutabago. - delicious, traditional and famous!

Cornish Steak - a touch of English "Cornwall Pasty" filled with cubed Beef, Potato, Carrot & Onion. The original pasty!

Spicy Cuban Beef - for the "Spice Lovers", filled with shredded Beef, Peppers, Hot Peppers & Onion.

Chicken & Mushroom - one of our most loved pastys filled with cubed Chicken, Fresh Mushrooms, Herbs & Onion.

Chicken Curry - a flavorful "Madras" style curry pasty filled with cubed Chicken, Herbs, Spices & Onion.

Spinach & Feta - our take on "Taste of Greece" filled with Spinach, Feta Cheese, Milk, Spices & Onion.

Black Bean & Corn - a "Spanish Delight" pasty filled with Beans, Corn, Cheese, Peppers, Cilantro & Onion.

Vegetable Curry - a spicy Vegetarian pasty filled with Garbonzo & Lentils, Spices and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Eggplant Parmigiana - our very own "Touch of Italy" filled with Eggplant & Mozzarella in a Bechamal & Margarita sauce.

...and for something different, try our English Sausage Roll filled with home-made ground beef, freshly baked breadcrumbs, Herbs, Egg & Onion, rolled in our "famous flaky pastry" or our recently introduced "Breakfast Pasty" (Steak, Eggs, Onion, Cheese and Potato)

Seasonal pastys available - Reuben, Piccadillo, Brisket & Bean, Samoosa, Peri-Peri Chicken, & Phillapino Adobo


Our English Pot Pies are available "unbaked and frozen". Order Individual or Family Size servings, to best suit your needs!

Try our delicious traditional Shepherds Pie (Beef), Chicken coq au Vin, Lamb & Leek, Smoked Salmon or Shrimp Pie. We also offer Steak and Kidney or Pepper Steak Meat Pies

For a "gluten free" option, try our freshly made Indian Bhajais or get our Indian Bhajai mix, and make them yourself.

Pastys can be eaten the UP way with "Ketchup", or the English way with "french fries (hot chips), mushy peas & gravy! 

It's all about personal choice.........there is no wrong way to eating a pasty.

Delicious & traditional gourmet pastys brought direct to you by way of our local farmers markets!


- Our pastys are brushed with a Milk wash to give a lovely golden brown touch!

- All products contain Garlic, Onion, Milk & Seasoning.

- Our pastys are made in a facility which may use/contain the following - Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Soy beans, Seafood, Wheat & Peanuts.

the Yooper pasty has become our much-loved signature product