"Bringing a Michigan Tradition" direct 
to your door, the yooper pasty has become our
much-loved signature product... 
"Home of the Pasty"
Gourmet Pastys, Pot Pies and Sides

Grampa's Pasty Shop offers catering for special events  

The Great American Pasty & Pie Co
 Tel 269-339-2811 

Visit our new Storefront at the Crossroads Mall in Portage Mi.  

Now serving "Hot & Ready to eat" pastys

                    "Ready to take home and warm" pastys

                    "Frozen Unbaked" pastys

                     English pot pies

                     Variety of Frozen Gravy

                     Michigan Fruit Desserts

                     Koeksusters or "Dutch Donut"

                     South African "Rusks" ...our brand of "coffee dunk"

                     Speciality Drinks

                     "Pepsi" Soda Fountain Drinks

                      Lay and Sun Chips

                      Vegan/Gluten Free Bhajai Flour Mix

You can sit and relax at one of our tables outside our store or walk the mall with your "hand held pasty".....

"free individual hot gravy" when eating at the Mall

Pasty Price $6.00 each or 6 for $30.00......Mix and Match......Hot/ Chilled or Unbaked....

Dessert Pastys $4.00 each........

   Pasty Menu        

Yooper Beef  / Cornish Steak  /Spicy Cuban Beef  / Breakfast Steak  /  Italian Meatball / Indian Samoosa /Michigan Reuben

Chicken & Mushroom  / Chicken Curry  /  Filipino  Chicken  /  Jamaican Jerk Chicken  /  BBQ Chicken  / Peri-Peri Chicken

Spinach & Feta  /  Vegetable Curry  /  Black Bean & Corn  /  Eggplant Parmiagiana / Vegetarian Breakfast / Flatlander

English Sausage Roll (Beef)

Pot Pie Menu

Lamb & Leek  /  Seafood Bisque /  Shepherds Pie  /  Chicken Coq au Vin / Vegetarian Ratoutouille /  Macaroni & Cheese


Brown Gravy  /  Vegetarian Gravy  /  Curry Gravy /  

Dessert Pastys

Desserts are Seasonal 

On the menu all year is Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel   /  Strawberry Rhubarb  /  Blueberry Custard  /  Pumpkin Custard 

Served with Whipped Cream or Take home for later!

Koeksusters (Dutch Donut)

(Braided pastry deep fried and dipped in ice cold syrup)


First Breakfast Coffee Dunk

Buttermilk rusk (similar to a biscotti)


Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Vegan Bhajai Mix

Flour Mix to make your own Pokaris

Frozen Pack of Bhajai

Serve with our Fruit Chutney - delicious!

"Home baked fresh and delicious gourmet pastys brought to you by way of our store and our local farmers markets