Grampas Pastys LLC
The Great American Pasty & Pie Co 

A Michigan Tradition 

A Michigan Tradition...
Bringing  the Bridge to you!!
Delicious Gourmet Pastys using  real butter brought to you through the avenue of the local surrounding farmers markets

Spicy Cuban Beef pasty for the "spice lovers"
Using only the freshest of ingredients including:

  • un-enriched and un-bleached flour from Augusta Michigan;
  • vegetables from our local reputeable farmers
  • all natural beef and chicken with no added preservatives or fillers;
*    real butter!! Makes real pasys!!
all wrapped in our delicious home-made pastry made with "real butter" . 

Baked fresh and brought to you by way of our local Michigan farmers markets.
We also offer unbaked frozen that you can put into your freezer for a quick meal! 

You can find us at our local surrounding Farmers Markets and as far afield as the Meridian Farmers Market in Lansing 

Check out out Farmers Markets page for a full listing of our Summer & Winter markets.
Pre-order and Pick-up at a market near you!

Inquire about our "special events", family reunions, tailgate parties, catering and online orders.  Call our kitchen at 269-339-2811.